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  • Shelly

    I really appreciated this. I don't know KT, but I did inquire about some of the criteria in the her competition recently which stuck me as questionable. I received a reply from the "team", it was civil and very professional (unlike some other comps I have asked information about) but then she posted a snarky status update on Facebook about people asking questions about criteria- I was pretty turned off by that and ultimately decided that this competition wasn't really for me. I also noticed that several of her other posts on Facebook came across as pretty arrogant and sarcastic. The tone of her status update about the spatchcock didn't exactly shock me, it was the same sort of tone that I found in several of her other profile posts; arrogant, snarky, sarcastic. For the record, I am pretty indifferent to the idea of pole in the Olympics, however, since this aspect of pole is a part of the whole in the pole world, i think that it's important that the organization representing it act mature and professional or be put down the road.

    Shelly 14.03.2015 07:36 Комментировать
  • EmKpole

    After just finishing my post grad project in "how pole could gain sport recogniton in the uk" one thing i found was that performers who had been in the industry longer were undecided about whether pole could become recognised as a sport. I use the term "pole" as i find there is different termninology for pole dancing, pole sport, pole fitness, pole theatre, pole arts etc. I find that "pole dancing" is something that incorporates all aspects of pole. "Pole Sport" is the strict competitive side. Pole Sport was is submitted to SportAccord and the International Olympic Committee and is using a code of points system for judging. If the the code of points includes minus points and SportAccord are happy the IPSF will have to explain why in the application for accrediation. If its not accepted thre will be more work to do to reapply. The IPSF will have to meet certain criteria for acceptance. Sadly, with SportAccord and IOC guidleines "pole dancing" wouldnt be accepted just due to the stigma attached. YET, there is nothing to say it couldnt be in years to come. Look at snowboarding, the slopestyle competition encourages the athlete to perform what they want and encourage them to make up new moves. The marking criteria for this is totally different to the other snowsport competitions. Slopestyle has only recently been introduced to the Olympics but it shows that a sport can be developed to include other area. Even snowboarding had its problems with the publics attitude towards it as a sport!! And still new people try it every year!!
    The whole process of becoming recognised as sport and then become accrediated by the IOC is a lengthy process. I think the progress of introducing Pole Sport into the olympics is a great step for changing the attitudes towards pole dancing if its done in the right way. Nothing is stopping anyone performing how they wanna perform, althought insulting and upsetting people who do not conform to one aspect of pole is wrong. We should embrace all aspects and help each other develop all these apsects to help breakdown the stereotype of pole. EDUCATION IS KEY for all pole dancers and non pole dancers!!

    EmKpole 14.03.2015 09:39 Комментировать
  • Nathalie Machuca

    Hi thank you for this article, it's necessary to know that situation. In France we have an organisation called FFDanse that is very serious. if you want to join. this is serious: www.ffdanse.fr and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ffdansepoledance?fref=ts

    I heard they look for djuges to judge the first French Championship. You can write them, they speak English. ;-)

    Nathalie Machuca

    Nathalie Machuca 14.03.2015 10:08 Комментировать
  • Bor

    Pole dance is sport. Who cares about your personal situation or situation in your country? How could you mix sport and politics? Please separate these two notions.

    That is why IPSF did not support you or your country. Politics is just not they do. And that is why you was supported by Bobby and her team - because it is personal decision.

    Less emotions would be better. Both, in life and this piece.

    Bor 14.03.2015 10:33 Комментировать
  • julia irinina

    Alex! Trash with you! All will be good! Pole really for everybody!

    julia irinina 14.03.2015 19:32 Комментировать
  • Terrigi

    I would take this article straight to my lawyer, this is downright defamation of character, expressing an opinion about a pole move or your views on obesity are called "freedom of speech" this vitriolic rant is in fact an actual attack on an individual's reputation and character, shame on you Alex Shchukin...this is tantamount to forming an online bullying forum yourself, grow up this article is petty and childish and if it was aimed at me , I'd have you in court tomorrow!

    Terrigi 15.03.2015 08:52 Комментировать
  • Angel_girl

    Terrigi, you sound awfully like KT… Freedom of speech lets Alex and all of us express our opinion. We can also protect the ones we love. You can take me to your lawyer, but you - Terrigi (even though I think you are KT GOAT herself) are stupid and KT is a bitch. I am glad people stand up to her.

    Angel_girl 16.03.2015 13:54 Комментировать

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