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I was born and raised in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in Dnipropetrovsk. His father is a multi-champion of the Soviet Union in swimming, so he was in love with sports from an early childhood. When i was nine, he was selected to join a special sport gymnastics camp for children. He participated in various junior competitions, earning his first titles and dreaming about the Olympics.

But there was a huge financial crisis in Ukraine, people lost their money and the government refused to support junior sports. My family couldn't pay for the training and he had to drop out. But he didn't lost his dreams and found the only sport that was not just absolutely free, but let him earn his first earnings – street dancing. I tried to add new tricks and choreography to his gymnastics background and create something new and special. After dancing in the street, i started to receive invitations to perform at parties and concerts, and that motivated him to organize his own dance group.

In 2009, i went to the casting of the show "So You Think You Can Dance" in Ukraine. Not only did he get into the finals, but he also met his future wife. Thanks to the show, i got the job as the principal choreographer for such big TV-hits as "Star's Academy" and "Ukraine doesn't Believe in Tears". Due to his wife, i became interested in pole dancing, which was quite a controversial sport back then in Ukraine, and still somewhat is.
In 2010 opened my own dance school. Today the studio is the only school in Ukraine that teaches not only various dance styles and pole-dance, but has aerial arts courses for children and adults– the hoop and silks. I is often asked to do workshops, guest performances in pole-dance competitions or school presentations, and also to judge national competitions.

In 2012 participated in his first pole-dance competition – World Pole Dance in Zurich, and received the bronze medal. I believes he is living proof that if you have a real sincere dream, there is nothing in the world that can keep you from making it come true.

In 2013 participated in first overseas pole-dance competition – Australian Pole Fitness Championship, and received the GOLD medal.

And In 2013 ,3weeks later i participated in first Mr Pole Dance competition – Mr Pole Dance in Australia, and received the GOLD medal.


Now i going to-

5-6 July - Pole dance Cup   Poland, Warsaw - First runner up, The Best Choreography

20-21 July - The International Pole Sports Federation   England, London - GOLD medal.

14 September - POLE ART competition    Helsinki, Finland

30 November - 5th International Pole Championship   Singapore-

First runner up and Pole Fit Winner



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  • Andréa

    I ve started reading your articles with the one named "lucky people", and I was strongly agree with all is said in it. I read you again : "Pole dance bully" is an excellent article too. I want to tell you I think you contribute exemplarily to pole dance debate. Your style of writing is simple and just , moreover it doesn't forget to share us your feelings, sometimes a feeling of anger, but you manage to express this in the best, unlike people who almost mutually insult themselves nowadays on facebook.

    Andréa Sunday, 15 March 2015 10:23 Comment Link
  • larissa reann aungst

    I love the way you dance!
    When i sawl you pole dance i was amazed by the way you did it but i sawl through mtube but still i love the way ya dance! It would be nice to actually talk to u in person but im only 13 mom mabye wont alow me but she alows me to watch it on mtube even so i would be cool if you help me practice dancing and all of the stuff to in real life so that when im older i can go on tv and all would be cool but kinda frightening to me a little !!!i admire you alex shchukin ^¬^!!i may not be on fb for a awhile because my dad has it!

    larissa reann aungst Monday, 29 August 2016 22:10 Comment Link

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